Motorcycle tours of Dubai

Who says all tours are boring? Tour by trikes pave the way for new, exciting tours of the emirate.

Let those snooty tourists have their air-conditioned tour buses. If you’re looking for a city tour of Dubai that affords you a unique (and exhilarating) perspective, look into flybike, a tour company that speeds you around our fair city via a Honda motorbike or, better still, a three-wheeled trike.

What do you need?

Absolutely nothing. Don’t even worry about what clothes to wear. Ladies, you can wear heels and a long skirt if you really wanted. I’d advise against it (unless you really want to be on show) but shorts and a T-shirt are fine. You can even wear flipflops. Flybike will call to ask for your helmet size ahead of the tour and that’s really all you’ll need. Oh, a camera would be good too, but the team already attach a Garmin video cam to the bike to capture your time on the tour too. Clever guys.

Who goes?

If you’re thinking Hells Angels, it really couldn’t be farther from it. In fact, it’s mostly happy-go-lucky tourists or newbie residents. They’ve had a few hen parties and stag parties too. Since their huge seats are practically reminiscent of a throne – complete with built-in speakers, armrests and leather padding – almost anyone would be comfortable on one of the back of these bad boys.

What happens?

We took the “Night Dubai” tour, and it induced more laughs and giggles than we’ve had in a long time. “Night Dubai” takes you from your chosen pick up point (either your home or hotel) to the main iconic sights of Dubai. We went zipping onto Sheikh Zayed Road and headed onto the Palm Jumeirah before stopping at the top for a quick photo opportunity in front of Atlantis, The Palm. Then we crossed back down the trunk towards Burj Al Arab and home again – all this without leaving our “throne”. With Flybike, you get the opportunity to experience the sights, smells, and sounds of Dubai that you would otherwise ignore or avoid. No matter how long you’ve lived here, it’s always an eye opener to see the city by bike; there’s nothing between you and Dubai’s urban landscape. Well, there might be a few wide-eyed, open-mouthed drivers and passengers on the road who are captivated by the bright white bikes and trikes with blue neon lights and music pumping out the sound system – but once you get over the initial wanted (or in our case, desperately unwanted) attention, it’s a jolly good giggle indeed.

How much of my life will this take up?

This excursion lasts about one hour. There are, however, several tour options, and if you prefer the day to the night, Flybike also provides two hour tours of the main sights as well. It definitely beats falling asleep to the drones of your stereotypical tour guides, or straining through crowds following a bouncing yellow flag and acts as a fantastic option for visiting relatives to enjoy a unique way to experience the city.

How much does it cost?

Motorcycle Honda Gold Wing (with driver) costs Dhs.260 (one hour); Dhs.400 (two hours).

Tricycle Honda Gold Wing (with driver) costs Dhs.360 (one hour); Dhs.580 (two hours).

For more information, check or call 04 360 6867

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